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Our Yippee Technology Office has a central Software Development Group for the study and performance improvement of various applications with the help of application code and deployment perspectives.

Some of our recent projects:

Web Design and Development is a combination of guiding principles and methodology which promotes software excellence throughout its SDLC.  Barriers between software delivery disciplines are broken down to provide seamless transitions accelerating time to market while improving quality. Additional to web design, web development plays an important role in your business website success. We offer Software Products Development partnership to its customers to systematically speed up time to market, reduce total cost of product and ownership, enhance emerging computing models and help them grow in new markets. Software Development gives you huge cost benefits coupled with both the flexibility to customize and switch from one product to another. It also provides access to latest technologies much faster. For e.g., recent trends such as mobile, API, IoT etc. are gaining a lot of traction in Open Source.

We, at Yippee tech., drive business to success by giving them the much required edge in the industry. All kinds of solutions from enterprise-based applications to custom-made eCommerce applications, are delivered and Yippee tech. creates new opportunities, streamlines processes, and integrates operations. The skilful experts at Yippee tech., who can help you, maximize process improvement and operational savings by implementing best Web solutions designed for your business needs.

Our Web solutions bring together expertise in middleware integration, application servers, portal development frameworks, and content management solutions, on the latest technology platforms such as Microsoft .NET and J2EE.

Technologies We Use

PHP Development

We work on MySQL Server database, Linux Operating System, PHP as well. Our well experienced and accomplished developers are ready to transform your idea into reality with the help of such advanced technology.

ASP.NET Development

It helps you to create from small website to large enterprise-class application.  Its premium technology which helps programmer to create dynamic website. Our skillful and experienced developers fulfill your software development requirements at any level of customized web application services.

Java Development

Being object oriented, robust, distributed, portable programming language, we develop as per client’s need using platform independent Java.

SEO Friendly Websites

The SEO services which improve your conversation rates with increased web traffic are provided. We focus on elements which help to increase web traffic like title, description, Meta tags etc.

Privacy and Protection

We have placed physical, administrative and technical safeguards designed to protect your personal information from unauthorized access. In addition, Yippee uses standard security protocols and mechanisms to exchange the transmission of sensitive data such as email, credit card details etc.

Modern Design

Websites we design are cost effective and provide balanced combo of high end customer service with full range of technical and programming skills for every aspect of website development.

Recent Works

Content Management Services Content Management Services Yippee Tech specializes in developing custom Content Management System (CMS) based websites based on your business objectives and budget. Our CMS solutions provide a great level of functionality, integrate quickly without pinching your pocket and are comprehensible even to non-techies.
E-Commerce Development E-Commerce Development We can assist you in getting your business online by developing an e-commerce solution for your business where you can sell products on line, manage products on line web and receive payments on line.
Business Planning & Research Business Planning & Research We have committed a team for strategic business planning. We have a huge client base all over the country owing to our unparalleled business plan services and expert planners at hand providing 24*7 services to the customers.
Mobile & Web Application Development Mobile & Web Application Development We have team of more than 40+ experienced & dedicated expert software developers who are motivated to deliver reliable and usability Mobile Application Services.
Online Customer  Support Online Customer Support We offer wide range of support plans based on your needs. Thus to get your PC healthy and to run faster, you may do contact with Yippee Tech on Online Customer Support Telephone Number anytime of the day, to have a live chat with expert technicians to solve your issue.
Custom Software & Application Development Custom Software & Application Development Our customized software solutions such as mobile application development, ASP .net development, has been tested on the grounds of fast performance and maximum returns.
Online Marketing Solutions Online Marketing Solutions We are offering customized online marketing services. Our web marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, SEO, and Digital Marketing.
Web Design & Development Web Design & Development Our Yippee Technology Office has a central Software Development Group for the study and performance improvement of various applications with the help of application code and deployment perspectives.

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