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Our Surveys

 Online surveys:

One of the most popular types of survey is online survey. With technology advancing many folds with each passing day, online survey is becoming more popular. This survey consists of survey questionsthat can be easily deployed to the respondents online via email or they can simply access the survey if they have an internet connection. These surveys are easy to design and simple to deploy. Respondents are given ample time and space to respondent to answer these surveys and so researchers can expect unbiased responses.  They are less expensive as compared to traditional surveys and data can be collected and analysed quickly.

Paper surveys:

As the name suggests, this survey uses the traditional paper and pencil approach. Many would believe that paper surveys are a thing of past. However, they are quite handy when it comes to field research and data collection. These surveys can go where computers, laptops or other handheld devices cannot go.

There is a flipside to it too, this survey type is the most expensive method of data collection. It includes deploying a large number of human resources along with time and money.

Telephonic Surveys:

These surveys are conducted usually over telephones. Respondents are asked questions related to the research topic by researcher. These surveys are time-consuming and sometimes non-conclusive, as the success of such surveys dependents on how many people answer the phone and would want to invest their time in answering questions over the telephone.

One-to-One interviews:

One-to-one interview helps researchers gather information or data directly from a respondent. It’s a qualitative research method and depends on the knowledge and experience of a researcher to frame and ask relevant questions one after the other to collect meaningful insights from the interview. These interviews can last from 30 minutes up to a few hours.

Political survey:

Political research surveys are the only way politicians can ensure their decisions are aligned with the wants and needs of their constituents.  By surveying, one can ensure the voice of the voter is heard above the din of special interests’ groups and advisers.  Relying on scientifically gathered data gives elected officials the confidence they need to ensure their decisions are fair and representative of the people they govern.  For elected officials, making popular decisions that align with constituents’ best interests is a way to guarantee successful outcomes during subsequent elections.

Recent Works

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Mobile & Web Application Development Mobile & Web Application Development We have team of more than 40+ experienced & dedicated expert software developers who are motivated to deliver reliable and usability Mobile Application Services.
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Custom Software & Application Development Custom Software & Application Development Our customized software solutions such as mobile application development, ASP .net development, has been tested on the grounds of fast performance and maximum returns.
Online Marketing Solutions Online Marketing Solutions We are offering customized online marketing services. Our web marketing services include Social Media, Link Building, SEO, and Digital Marketing.
Web Design & Development Web Design & Development Our Yippee Technology Office has a central Software Development Group for the study and performance improvement of various applications with the help of application code and deployment perspectives.